Our mission

Through financial mentoring and education, we aim to improve the lives of those in our community.

Our vision

To have our community understand the importance of financial literacy and the need to support those experiencing hardship with a supportive and culturally-aware service that educates in a way that helps people help themselves. 

To read our Strategic Statement for 2017, download here

Our history

North Harbour Budgeting Services Inc. was approved by Government agency Child, Youth and Family on the 28th June 2003 and is an amalgamation of the previous budgeting services provided by the Citizens Advice Bureaux on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast.

What we do

•  Assist clients to develop basic financial skills through education
•  Provide support and advocacy for clients
•  Help negotiate with creditors, if needed
•  Offer ongoing financial mentoring with the aim of assisting clients
    to become more self-reliant
•  Educate through seminars and workshops in schools, workplaces,
    tertiary institutions, community organisations and other agencies

Our people

Financial Mentors, Community Educators and Money Mates staff are the face of NHBS. These highly qualified and experienced teams are also required to regularly update their knowledge in order to meet client needs.

NHBS is also overseen by skilled Governance Members that ensure all ongoing training, development and education is relevant, up-to-date and appropriate.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at our service, give us a call on 09 448 5655